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Let me introduce myself…

2011 May 9
Posted by mandimoo1992

 My name is Amanda, I’m 19 and I live in the North-West of England. That’s all the boring stuff…
Some of you may remember me from the 2011 Star in a Bra competition run by lingerie company Curvy Kate; I won myself a place in the top 10 and went on a rather fancy photoshoot in my undies to campaign for curves and all that lovely business. Although I did not win the competition I learnt a lot of things from being a part of it and I’m pretty keen to learn more. One thing I’m certain on is that the world needs to cater better for our boobies- so here I go sharing my knowledge of the big bra world with you and hoping it will make some clever people in suits want to show us some booblove.

Too Skinny to be Curvy, Too Busty to be Skinny.

2011 April 26
Posted by mandimoo1992

I’ve just seen a post on the curvy Kate page by a man who says that I am too slim to be classed as curvy so I didn’t get his vote. I had a feeling something like this would pop up and I wouldn’t be surprised if many people thought I was too skinny to be in this competition. But I thought id share with you something that stopped me dropping out in the top 30 – for that very reason. I found this on the gorgeous Cheryl Warner’s blog. ( - it’s defiantly worth a look!)

the bit I’m referring to in this interview starts at 3.22; I know Crystal Renn is talking about plus size models but it refers to me too- for me to be a curvy model in some people’s eyes I would have to put on weight, but for me it would be impossible – this is my bone structure and the only places I seem to put on weight is my chest and stomach. People wouldn’t class me as curvy because I need a few more inches on my hips- but I cant change that and for me to try and do so would lead to an eating disorder and it would make me no happier in the long run.


 I’ve continued on with this competition spreading the message that it’s not just about curvy girls for me; it’s about people of all shapes, colours and sizes to be comfortable in their own skin and for them to feel that they can at least be represented in the media. The man who posted that comment likened me to the top heavy glamour mode Jordan carver – the only women in the media that have similar bodies to mine seem to be glamour models and what I am doing is trying to change that.

I think that the industry needs variety above anything else and though this competition is for a company called ‘Curvy Kate’ at the end of the day we are spreading awareness to companies that there needs to be more underwear and clothes lines made to cater for bigger busts and that even though we have bigger busts our bodies still come in different shapes and sizes. Some of you might think I’m blowing the comment out of proportion but we all know that for a thousand nice things somebody says about you it will always be the negative things that you can’t forget and rather than let it upset me I feel like I need to voice my opinion.  Thankyou for reading and sorry for the essay! 

Here’s an image of Jordan Carver I think anyone who knows me won’t be surprised to find that getting likened to her would upset me. im not involved in star in a bra because i want to be a glamour model.

Boobs, BOOBs and BoooooooBs

2011 February 22
Posted by mandimoo1992

Before you read this; I just want to let you know that this was  posted before I had ever considered to make this blog public it was written as part of a ‘private online diary’ I’m leaving it on here because of the good feedback that I’ve had from my brutally honest rantings! When I wrote this I thought nobody would ever see it but if you wish to read… be my guest =)

Alright, so I’m writing about boobs today, boobs are something that i constantly think about you see… not because I’m a Sexdriven Teenager but because I’ve got  size 28H whoppers! Most people like to assume this makes me very confident but they couldn’t be more wrong, absolutely every piece of clothing i wear is scrutinised in the best way to make my figure appear balanced. You see everywhere on my body is skinny, I’m a size 8/ 10 with long slim arms and legs but I just so happen to be incredibly busty. it’s an absolute nightmare, I’m on opposite scales of the spectrum, I’ve got the smallest band measurement on the high street teamed with one of the biggest cup sizes stocked (barely anywhere) in the UK.

Recently watching Americas Next Top Model I noticed a contestant named Esther, she has a size 30G breast size; this was a complete breath of fresh air for me to see someone like me trying to break into the modelling world or at least publicise that actually a lot of young slim girls out there are actually naturally very busty. Growing up in the UK, I learned very fast that people who were big cup sizes like me were rarely heard of especially if they were under a size 14. In the UK a size 6-14 will only measure enough room for an AA – C cup. when I used to shop with my friends we would all be slim girls around the size 6-10 dress size range, the only difference was that at age 15 I was a size 8 wearing a E cup bra – there was absolutely no clothes tailored for a person like me, I found myself in size 8 dresses, looking absolutely gorgeous except for the fact that the breast of the dress would only just about cover my nipples. In the modern day with the success of Bravissimo and other such companies, shops are slowly getting the jist of things but only for the adult market. for girls with an interest in fashion like me there are no clothes tailored for my age, the best we can expect is the evening wear and daywear that come out of Bravissimo and such shops that are designed for people from their late 20s and upwards. And also I have found that when it comes to buying underwear, the prices are astonishing! Considering that in one year my boobs went up 5 sizes! I’ve spent hundreds on bras and I’m only 18! The bras that I do find are either heavily padded, overpriced, designed for the elderly, designed for porn stars or incredibly uncomfortable because the cup sizes rub against my arms. They are not designed for teenagers at all, when I was in school my friends would be wearing colourful t-shirt bras and I would be wearing somewhat expensive sexy lingerie because that’s all they had on offer for my size.

  it is a real shame that there is no role models out there for girls like me to identify with, i remember being very confused and after the countless bra measurements that would result in me not being able to fit into any stock and being discussed in amazement by shop keepers and sales staff i just felt like a freak. also the fact that my appearance is somewhat mature, I’ve found myself growing up rather fast because people assume I’m much older than I am , and being a big breasted girl has shaped my personality, I couldn’t really completely fit in with the girls at school because I was always getting a different kind of attention to them and I was not really given much of a chance to feel like an innocent little 14 year old, I started shopping alone because I couldn’t stand coming out of the changing rooms and explaining the reasons why I couldn’t try on the same things as them, I do it alone now it’s much easier to just try and get on with it and now dwell on it… I just try my hardest to flatter my shape with what I can find. I’m just hoping that by the time that I may have a daughter, if she finds herself in the same position as i did, she can find herself far more support than I could.

the only role model i can find with a 28H bra size like mine is a mode called Francoise Boufhal, she is very much a girl who uses her breast size to grab the limelight, but what about the girls who dont want to act like glamour girls just to be noticed.